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Los Angeles, CA based BlackGoldRing.com Retails Benchmark Quality Black Gold Engagement Rings, Engagement Ring Sets, Wedding Rings, Wedding Ring Sets, Wedding Bands, Wedding Band Sets and Men's Rings in styles such: Classic, Vintage, Antique, Modern, French, Edwardian, Armenian, Italian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco and Nature Inspired as well as academically refined known jewelry design styles.


These benchmark jewelry color styles presented in BlackGoldRing.com web store catalog such as: black gold, flat black gold, matte black gold and more; set with diamonds and color gemstones have been first introduced, produced, published, marketed by exclusive jewelry brands presented in our online jewelry product catalog and available to customers in United States and Internationally.


Besides high-end jewelry design, production, marketing and retail, we are an innovative information technology company with highly educated multilingual personal implementing industries best practices in the way we market and present products to internet mainstream. We utilizing state of the art design, production, programming, entertainment, social, pin board, communication tools and platforms, as well as implement and enhance constantly evolving internet technology architectures to deliver affordable high quality products and services to our customers world wide.